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    Hi, I would like a hint on what do I need in order to start up a business in Greece! I am US citizen, I have a MA in Psychology. What would I need in order to open a practice or open a kindergarten for people who want their kids to learn English?

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Germany Tax Lawyer

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Robert Tille

Germany Tax Lawyer

To start a business in Germany from abroad especially in the beginning you need consulting to set up a company, to establish it at all necessary fiscal and other authorities and to run it conform to legal and tax regulations in Germany. We work together with English speaking notaries that are necessary in many cases of formation of a new company in Germany. We have very useful contacts to banks too. Our staff is used to working with clients from abroad and to consulting clients in English language.

A client-oriented approach is our guiding principle and it defines our thinking and our day-to-day operations. We focus on the individual needs of our clients and offer comprehensive and forward-looking advice and tailor-made solutions. Our employees are given the best conditions for professional and personal development, and each LM-partner has direct contact with clients and employees. Total reliability and uncompromising loyalty shape our conduct, and you will find that whether you are a client or an employee, we are always on your side.

The trust that our clients place in us makes up the very foundation of our professional existence. We inform and are open for questions; we advise and provide individual support and we meet our clients at eye level and speak their language. Our approach is fair and pragmatic and our response times are always quick.

Each of our clients receives high quality advice, and we make use of our deep experience as well as modern communication and information technology to ensure this quality. Depending on the task, we work in interdisciplinary teams, and we develop actionable and tailored solutions in dialogue with our clients. For cross-border cases, we complement our expertise through partnerships with certain domestic and foreign firms.

As we are member of the UK-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce we have reliable network-partners on both sides of the Channel in UK and Germany, too. It is the same with the Irish-German Chamber, the Czech-German Chamber and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Not only in this countries we have network partners that assist clients in doing business in these countries.


  1. Dear Sir, I got your email address from Internet, I am Mr. Latify chairman of Mumtaz Construction group. Our company is working in Afghanistan since 2004 mainly in water supply, construction, trading and industry. We are managing multi-million projects in Afghanistan, we have just signed a contract for implementation of Kabul Water Supply worth Euro 14 million funded by KfW (German Development Bank). I would like to open branch/subsidiary of our company in Germany which will do the same activities as the parent company and one of company senior officers shall be appointed as manager. I would like to seek your assistance; - What is the procedure to open the branch/subsidiary office, - What documents are required, - How much time is required to complete the set up, - Can you assist in open up of a small office for the time being, - Can we open a Bank Account for the branch/subsidiary office, - How much is your cost from the start up to end and the terms of payment. Please do contact me for any further information. Best Regards, A Basir Latify Question from Abdul Basir Latify on 20/01/2016

    Robert says:

    Dear Mr Latify,
    we like to consult entrepreneurs from abroad that are willing to start their business in Germany or to consult parent companies from abroad that want to establish a German subsidiary. We support them to get started doing business in Germany and run this business successful. We are able to provide such clients with any kind of legal and tax consulting e.g. set up or buy a German company, work together with notaries, register it at the necessary authorities (especially Commercial Register, Tax Authorities etc.), do their bookkeeping and payrolls prepare financial statements and tax declarations (even income tax declarations for private persons /Managing Directors etc.) and many kinds of contracts (e.g. General Terms & Conditions, Employment Contracts, Cost Plus Agreements etc.)

    We are typically billing on an hourly basis. Our rates (plus 19% German VAT where applicable) are as follows:
    Partner or Lawyer: EUR 250.00
    Tax Consultant or CPA: EUR 225.00
    Assistant with University Degree or specialized tax staff (Chief Accountant, Specialized accountant): EUR 125.00
    Qualified staff (assistant tax accountant): EUR 100.00
    Other staff (secretary): EUR 50.00

    If there is a need for an individual consulting please contact me: Please also visit our English website at

    Kind regards
    Robert Tille
    Lawyer, Specialized Tax Lawyer

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