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  1. Indian citizen willing to set up a food business in NZ..

    Hi thereI am an Indian citizen who wishes to set up food business in NZ (Auckland or Wellington) Can someone advise how do we go about??Quick Questions:- Is it possible for Indian citizens to set up business in NZ?- If yes, how do we go about?Suggestions/Advise if highly appreciatedCheersG

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  2. Starting a Business in Greece

    Hi, I would like a hint on what do I need in order to start up a business in Greece! I am US citizen, I have a MA in Psychology. What would I need in order to open a practice or open a kindergarten for people who want their kids to learn English?

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Holland Company Formation Expert

Trust in every sense of the word, Move Your Company 2 Amsterdam (MYC2A) was founded to fill the gap that other companies in Amsterdam the Netherlands left open. A institution that think less like a trust company, and more like a service-provider for companies. With our services, we live up to the 3 characteristics that distinguish MYC2A from its competitors, personal, innovative and confidential. Find out why you should choose MYC2A, “we mediate in all related matters”.


  1. Dear Allice, We would like to set up a company in Rotterdam, a trading company only and need a virtual office and bank details. There will be no physical activity over there, sourcing products from Asia and selling to Africa. There is any freezone or startup village in Holland.? Please advise all the details along with the tax structure to proceed. Rgds Manoj Nair +919878123333 Question from Manoj Madhavan Nair on 21/12/2017

    Allice says:

    Dear Mani Nair,

    Thank you for your email.

    We can certainly assist you in setting up a Dutch BV. We advise you to locate the company in Amsterdam.
    Since you have no activity in The Netherlands, we advise you to hire personnel/staff to obtain substance (proof of activity), otherwise you will not get a valid VAT number here.
    You can also create substance to shift goods movement to The Netherlands, and use s storage facility here. It is important to discuss this with our consultants upfront to avoid problems with the VAT number after formation.

    There is no freezone or equal facility here in The Netherlands.

    We offer a full service formation of a BV, which includes the following services:

    - Drafting the formation documents
    - Notary costs
    - Chamber of Commerce documents and registration
    - Tax Office registration ( VAT, CIT and Wage Tax (if needed))
    - Tax Office communication based on the salary of the director / shareholder
    - Bank account opening request

    Costs will be 899,- euro excl. VAT for incorporation in Dutch and English language. Of course this is including notary costs etc.
    To start the process of formation we need the following documents:

    - Filled Word document (see attachment)
    - Colour copy of passports/ID of all directors / shareholders involved
    - Colour copy of driver’s license of all directors/shareholders involved
    - Private address verification of all directors/shareholders involved (utility bill, bank statement not older than 1 months, with legalization of a lawyer/notary from your country), or extract of your municipality / City Hall.
    - Company address in The Netherlands ( we can help if needed through one of our partners)

    You can send those documents per email to us, and we can then draft the formation act. We will send you also some supporting documents like the power of attorney, and Chamber of Commerce forms. After your approval you can return the signed power of attorney/forms for the notary office, and we can then incorporate and register the company.
    There is no need to come to The Netherlands for the incorporation/registration, only if you want to.
    For the bank opening in The Netherlands you have to be present, or your own bank has to open the bank account here based on the cooperation modules between banks.

    If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you.


    P.B.M. (Paul) van Lier RB
    Belastingadviseur at Van Lier Fiscaal Advies BV

  2. Hello Allice, My name is Donald Barrios; I am Senior Travel Agent Consultant for Heart Cruises, LLC based in the United States and I have been assigned by my CEO, Michael Pimentel, to do the research on how to set up a regional office for our company in The Netherlands. Can you help me with this? Here is my contact information below: Donald Barrios +1-(786)-600-3493 E-mail: Miami, Florida, U.S.A I will look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you. Sincerely, Donald Barrios Question from Donald Barrios on 02/12/2017

    Allice says:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your interest in the Netherlands.
    We can provide you with information and help you to set up a Dutch (bv) llc.
    One of our advisers will contact you on Monday via the personal email.

    I send you additional information "starters guide".

    Kind regards,

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