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Ask the Experts: Julia Szarvas

Hungary Legal Expert

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Julia Szarvas

Hungary Legal Expert

Julia Szarvas, attorney-at-law, partner. Julia has spent 16 years of her professional career at law firms working in association with different BIG4 firms and one of the largest accounting firms in Hungary. She has broad experience in transactions when legal, tax and accounting aspects need to be considered parallel. She understands the tax and accounting requirements and knows the legal answer.

She has advised clients in different M&A transactions and setup of joint venture structures.

Julia advises several international clients holding investment in Hungary and provides day-to day advice for their legal compliance in corporate, commercial and HR matters.

She is specialized in certain special regulated areas, including data privacy law and legal aspects of electronic signatures.


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  1. Our client-company is intersted in Opening a Travel agency in Hungary. We have questions for to assist us in getting answers. 1) What are the condiditons of Opening Travel Agency? 2) What is the difference between Travel Agency and Travel Operator? 3) Liecenes in Tourism in Hungary - what are the liecencies there in Hungary& 4) Can the Hungarian Tour Agency buy tour packages from Non-Eu tour operators (such as UAE) and from EU tour operators (such as Malta lets say)? We would appriciate your assistance much and any contacts of people/companies to help us. Looking forward to our futur cooperation with your company Sincerely, Ksenia Lysenko Manager +3614088150 Question from Ksenia Lysenko on 13/09/2017

    Julia says:

    Dear Ms. Lysenko,

    Thank you for your query. A travel agency only mediates the services of a travel operator to customers, upon an assignment from the travel operator, while the travel operator provides the traveling, accommodation and other touristic services directly. In Hungary, travel agencies and travel operators operate in a highly regulated industry. For Hungarian companies, government license is required, the management needs to possess certain qualifications and financial security needs to be provided (the latter for travel operators only). It is also possible to provide the concerned services without establishing a Hungarian company, i.e. in the form of cross-border services from another country in the EU, basically under the same conditions. Further investigation would be required on the conditions of buying non-EU and EU-travel packages by a Hungarian Travel Agency. For further details, kindly send me an email at .

    Yours sincerely,
    Julia Szarvas

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