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  1. Starting a Restaurant In South Korea

    Hi:I'm interested in starting a small business in Seoul, South Korea that would sell one signature food item ~ one that the South Koreans will go crazy for. I'm interested in getting information regarding start up costs, how to obtain a business license, as I am an American citizen, how to rent a small restaurant space and whether or not it would be more beneficial to go in with a Korean busi

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  2. Starting a new Trading Business in Africa

    Dear Sir / Ma'amI am looking to start a new trading business .Like most start ups my I have low caputal, however I am looking for opportunities with African countries that are high growth and start business relation and trading set up fo with these countries. Could you advise the way I can go about doing this and which countries and persons I could target / approach. Thanks!

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Sundara Rajan

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Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad - PGDM Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai- Bachelor of Engineering- Mechanical.


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Indo German Chamber of Commerce The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce. Confederation of Indian Industry-CII


Recently launched a book “The Indian Ethos- HR Best Practices” which covered the latest trends in Indian industries in getting the best out of people assets.

Speaking assignments in Seminars:

  • International New York, USA, April 2013 “Building Self sustaining Growth in Entrepreneurial Organisations” in Global Corporate Awards
  • London, UK - October 2009 and June 2011 Leveraging Strengths of Asia in the AIMRI annual seminar and International Conference on Corporate Governance at Institute of Directors respectively.
  • Athens, Greece, April 2008 Engaged Respondents in an increasingly time starved populations” at the AIMRI convention.
  • Islamabad, Pakistan - November 2005 HR challenges in emerging markets.
  • Oslo, Norway – October 2002 Telecommunication research in India at the ESOMAR seminar
  • Ahmedabad, September 2007 Building Organizational capability, India
  • Ahmedabad, September 2012 Indian Institute of Management – Marketing Insights – Keynote lecture Vadodara, November 2014 Vadodara Chamber of Commerce – Vibrant Gujarat – Navigating through VUCA times

+91 98 21 134365

  1. Dear Sundara, I have a German Citizenship and I plan to start a Business in India either by setting a small company at home or would rent a place for it. There are some products for eg: Baby products in Drogerie Markt in Germany which are not so expensive here when compared to India. I plan to export these products to India and would sell these products initially in India. How do I go about doing this. What are the legal procedure to be taken? I first need to speak to the supermarket people in Germany and then I should tell them I am interested in these products and they need to send these products to me in India. Then I need to find some supermarket in india in order to sell these there. Is this a sensible option or what would you suggest me to do? Thanks in advance.Regards,Georg Question from george bjorg on 07/11/2017

    Sundara says:

    Dear George

    The current laws in India will expect you to have a registration for import and sales of products. This may be worthwhile if you plan to deal in these products with a reasonable volume of business and certainity of continuing the business for a while.

    I suggest you firm up these decisions - either by doing your own research or engage a market research agency

    All the best

    Sundara Rajan

  2. Dear Sundara Rajan Sir, I am Yashwant, currently studying MSc Hospitality with Tourism Management at University College Birmingham in UK. I am doing a market research project on tourism in India. I wanted to know for a foreign firm in tour operations. What would be a best possible entry method to enter Indian market? Would there be any legal issues (if any)? I have been gathering information about this two points, but there is very limited information available. I hope you can provide with more information on this topic. Thank You & Warm Regards, Your's Sincerely, Yashwant, Question from Yashwant Thokal on 25/10/2017

    Sundara says:

    Your question is too broad. What will this foreign firm in tour operations do in India ? - Ticketing / Hotels / Conducted tours ??

    Only when this is clear, I can suggest any action.


    Sundara Rajan

  3. Dear Rajan A French friend of mine what to start a hotel in Telangana as it most booming state. How do we go about? Please advise. Thank you Krishna Question from krishna kris on 21/10/2017

    Sundara says:

    You need to conduct a market survey first to establish the feasibility of the type of hotel you want to set up. Then you can decide the next steps

    Sundara Rajan

  4. Hello Sir, Greetings from Somya Translators! INDIA. We are multilingual Translation Company based in Delhi, India. We are experienced group of translation, localization and interpretation services provider agency. Translate 160 Indian and foreign languages for all industries with many domains. I want to get translation work (projects) from UK. and top Indian companies. Please suggest me your valuable feedback on the same. Thanking you Manoranjan Kumar Jha (B.D.E) Mob:+917838949499 Question from Manoranjan Jha on 20/09/2017

    Sundara says:

    Please find out their contacts and mail them with your introduction

  5. Hi Sundara, We are a registry services company called Neustar which provide among other the .co, .biz, .us domains, and we are looking for a PR and Marketing agency that can help us to increase our presence in India. Do you maybe know one that you can recommend to us? We are not looking to open a new office there, just an agency that can help us to find good IT events to sponsors, brand embassadors, Media Relations, marketing collaterals, etc. Thank you so much for your help! Best, Laura Tavernier Marketing Manager for .CO Question from Laura Tavernier on 23/08/2017

    Sundara says:

    We can help you identify the right places, events to project your company. Please write to us on or for further discussions.


    Sundara Rajan

  6. Dear Sundara, thank you for your response. We have a potential Indian partner in mind and we will get back in touch when we have firmed up our thoughts on how to progress. Do you have a direct email address> regards, Richard Roper, The Good Book Company Question from Richard Roper on 27/06/2017

    Sundara says:

    All the best.

    Sundara Rajan

  7. Dear Sundara, We are a book publishing firm with a turnover of approximately GBP3 million. We already purchase a lot of books from Indian printers and are looking to start selling into the Indian market and are looking for a firm who can help us set up a limited company subsidiary or a joint venture partnership with an Indian organisation, so that we are fully compliant with all Indian government requirements. Can you suggest someone who can help us with the process?Regards, Richard Roper, The Good Book Company Question from Richard Roper on 26/06/2017

    Sundara says:

    Thanks Richard. We can help you. You need to decide the nature of the entity you want to set up in India first, so that next set of steps can be taken. Do you have a partner in mind in India or are you searching for one ? Do let me know. Will be happy to guide. Once the scope of work is clear, and we have a mutual comfort in working, we can move further. Regards

  8. Hello Sir I am Indian Student doing my Master Studies in Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw Poland. I am doing my Master Thesis on Increase of Solar energy in India. That is now we are getting from China my Idea is why should not we import from Poland its more or a less a business plan. I want to know which could best market entry mode to enter Indian market. If you could help me in this it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance Question from Vivek Narendran Sivaraman on 07/05/2017

    Sundara says:

    please see the price differential first. Solar panels have become very cheap now from China. Do not rush into this venture without detailed study

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    Sundara says:

    ok noted

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    Sundara says:

    ok noted

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    Sundara says:

    Thanks. Not in need now

  12. Hello Sundara Sir, My name is Tushar Gupta. currently, I am doing a business course and working for NewZealand Kettle Korn ( ) in New Zealand. It is a popcorn Industry. My company wants to start its business in India. Initially, we are not going to produce popcorn there, we will export the popcorn from New Zealand and will be selling it Indian market. I have to make a report about the Indian market, legal regulation and tax rules for a foreign company in India. I tried a lot to know about the tax and legal formalities before entering in Indian market but I am unable to find that. So I need your advice about the tax system (Types of tax) and legal formalities in India for a foreign food industry. Till now we didn’t decide that it will be a branch of a foreign company or it will be a private company but we decided that we will work on a limited liabilities partnership basis, so I need your advice on this as well. This is my first project, so need your proper guidance about every single small thing which could be important for my report. Thanks Tushar Question from Tushar Gupta on 25/07/2016

    Sundara says:

    Hi .. i can help you with this. Please share your e mail id, so that we can send a detailed note and a proposal for the same

  13. Sir can i ask you what is the best way for a pakistani to done a business in india ? i want to setup a small business in banglore .. Question from Ayan Malik on 24/07/2016

    Sundara says:

    I don't think it is allowed.

  14. Hello Sir, I am non immigrant Indian citizen working in united states of America over the past 3 years & intended to start a new business in Mumbai, India which relates to the consumer goods. its well established in USA & would like to expand in India. we would like to get the guidance from you on the same regards. --Pravin Question from Pravin Londhe on 24/07/2016

    Sundara says:

    Dear Pravin

    Thanks for your query. We suggest you do an initial market study of the product you wish to launch to be sure of the potential it has and what modifications may be required before you launch them in India. Our firm Market Search India ( can help you. If you would like our help, please send me details of the product you plan to launch in India and we can take it from there. All the best .. Sundara Rajan

  15. Dear Sir, I am from india and an alternative medicine therapist. I want to start a alternative therapy center in india in this center i want a Sudanese doctor who is founder of this therapy and i learn from him can get entry every month in india and consult the patient specially diagnoses purpose after that i continue with treatment. For such kind of business/center what business form should establish? Question from Jitendra Kukadia on 28/05/2016

    Sundara says:


    You may start with a partnership firm. If the procedures involve medication or invasive procedures, please get the relevant licenses from the authorities before you start such a venture. All the best. Sundara Rajan

  16. Dear Sundara, I am enquiring for a business that is well established in a couple of countries across the world, owners are American citizens and are now looking at expansion into India. This is more of a management company providing consulting, tutoring, public relationship management to individuals. My question is What is the procedure to start business in India. Are there any consultants who can be hired to take care of all the formalities in terms of dealing with government authorities, legal teams or any other authorities required in order to establish business in India. What is the pre-requisite and timelines required for formalities completion Any checklist that is required to be refer to, to ensure all aspects are considered and covered to avoid any hindrance in establishing business in India ? Anything full proof will help to avoid any consultant expenses and to cut down on timelines. Looking forward to hear from you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Question from Sonya Chandarana on 14/04/2016

    Sundara says:

    Dear Sonya

    Before starting a business in India, you need to decide a few basic aspects of structuring your company.

    - WILL the Indian arm be a subsidiary / or branch of a foreign company ? or WILL it be an Indian company?

    - If it were to be an Indian company - will it be a proprietorship/ Single person company/ partnership/ Limited Liability Partnership or a Private Limited Company?

    Based on your answers, we can create a brief proposal for your approval.

    Best wishes

    Sundara Rajan

  17. Hello Sundara, We are a travel agency / tour operator company based in the United States. We are looking into opening an office in India (as it is in the perfect location to be able to manage part of the operations of our business) as we operate in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania and it's the perfect location for our time zone. We would like to open an office in New Delhi, hire employees, send some of our key employees to manage the office (help them get all the working Visas and so on), hire a local accountant to help us out with all the administrative processes involved with it. Can you let us know what the best way to do this would be? Question from Paul Sarfati on 13/04/2016

    Sundara says:

    Support for opening up a branch office in India for Bamba Experience

    Submitted to: Bamba Experinece, Mexico

    Submitted by : Market Search India Private Limited, Mumbai

    Date; 15th April, 2016

    1.0 Client’s requirements

    Bamba Experience is currently operating in operate in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. To manage part of the operations of their business, they are looking for opening an office in India as it is the perfect location for their time zone.
    Bamba Experience would like to open an office in New Delhi, hire employees, send some of their key employees to manage the office (help them get all the working Visas and so on), hire a local accountant to help them out with all the administrative processes involved with it.
    Market Search India can help Bamba experience in the above said requirements.

    2.0 Deliverables of the assignment

    • Identifying a suitable location for branch office
    • Execute all required procedures for registering the branch office in India
    • Hire employees as per the requirements of the client
    • Manage working visas for employees of Bamba Experience coming from parent company (Mexico)
    • Appoint a local accountant to help the client in executing all administrative processes

    3.0 Our Approach

    • Market Search India would act as a facilitator in the entire process of setting up the office for Bamba Experience in India.
    • The requirements and conditions of a branch office for a foreign entity will be shared with the client.
    • Documents required for forming a branch office in India will be shared and the client would have to submit the required documents in due order.
    • Other incorporation requirements for a branch office will also be shared with the client.
    • Service tax registration and becoming member of various associations like IATA/ IATO/ TAAI will be done with the help of an expert from travel industry.
    • Working visas for the employees traveling from the parent office will also be processed with the help of this expert.
    • Real estate agent will be hired for identifying the most suitable location for the branch office.
    • Well experienced recruitment firm will be appointed to hire suitable employees as per the client’s requirements.
    • A well experienced chartered accountant will be hired for carrying out all required administrative processes and getting the office set up in function.

    4.0 Timelines & Fees
    4.1 Time required

    The estimated time for the entire process would be 3 months but it would vary depending on the actual time taken for approval process, documents quality and acceptance by government authorities, etc.

    There would be contract signed between Market Search India and Bamba Experience of 3 months for execution of the assignment.

    4.2 Professional Fees

    The total professional fees for the assignment would be USD.12,000 (Twelve Thousand USD only) for contract of 3 months.

    If the activity gets extended beyond 3 months then for every additional month’s work would be charged 3,000 (USD Three Thousand) per month for every month of service provided.

    Please Note:Above fee is inclusive of only the professional fees charged by Market Search India. Any other fees as mentioned below would be charged separately on actual.
     License processing,
     Documentation,
     Fees charged for certificates to be issued by registered authorities,
     Fees charged by experts hired (e.g. travel agent, recruitment firm, etc.)

    4.3 Payment Terms

     50% at the time of commissioning of the assignment.
     50% at the end of 3 months contract.

    Yours faithfully,

    A Sundara Rajan

    Market Search IPL

  18. Hello, I am from India i want to start up my business from India. sir can you tell me how to get data entry offshore project from UK \ US. please help me i tried on google but i can not find any genuine project. i would also like to work with foreign company who like to come to India for there business expansion. at this stage i am working with well known company Kokuyo camlin ltd. Regards, Gaurav Question from gaurav shete on 04/04/2016

    Sundara says:

    Dear Gaurav

    You need to set up your company, do a few assignments, get testimonials from the clients and use these to advertise in your website as well as US based BPO forums. Hope this helps

    Sundara Rajan

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