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19/01/2018 11:32:33

How much does the UK trade with the EU and the Rest of the World?

UK Imports, 2016

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  1. Startup overseas by NETWORKING

    Hello all, i am a master student studied entrepreneurship in Sweden. i am always interested in starting my business in somewhere in the world. Recently i am doing a thesis about how the entrepreneur startup overseas by network, would anyone share their experience with me? Thank you in advance and look forward to your reply. Pr

    Total Posts: 3 Last post by sahezez

  2. Starting a Restaurant In South Korea

    Hi:I'm interested in starting a small business in Seoul, South Korea that would sell one signature food item ~ one that the South Koreans will go crazy for. I'm interested in getting information regarding start up costs, how to obtain a business license, as I am an American citizen, how to rent a small restaurant space and whether or not it would be more beneficial to go in with a Korean busi

    Total Posts: 3 Last post by dianaeddie

News - Colombia

  1. An Evolving Colombia Promises Opportunities For Investors In 2016

    Colombia 18/01/2016 09:15:13

    2015 was a challenging year for companies doing business in Colombia; we take a look at the year ahead - what opportunities does the Colombian market offer in 2016?

  2. UGPP Compliance Caveats To Be Aware Of

    Colombia 05/11/2015 08:56:26

    Companies with operations in Colombia must be aware of and comply with the Parafiscal and Pension Management Unit (UGPP). Our local expert provides three real-life examples of non-compliance situations that are more common that you would expect.

  3. Colombia Intensifies Battle Against Money Laundering

    Colombia 24/08/2015 11:30:03

    Illegal activity fuelled by money laundering is equivalent to 3% of Colombiaís GDP. Itís one of the most pervasive economic issues in Colombia, and local administration is developing and implementing more and better ways to identify and stop companies or individuals of committing this crime.

  4. 8 Reasons To Be Excited About Investing In Latin America

    Colombia 24/08/2015 11:09:25

    It is no secret that Latin American countries are in an endless battle to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and implementing strategies to help boost their development. Although each country has different social and political environments, most offer an exceptional work force and economic incentives which provide opportunities for investors and businesses. Understanding the local culture, regulations, processes and requirements is key in avoiding the risks when investing in this region.

  5. British firms explore trade opportunities in Mexico and Colombia

    Colombia 05/03/2013 08:37:07

    A trade mission to Mexico & Colombia by medium-sized British businesses begins today, focussing on high value opportunities in key sectors.

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