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  1. Indian citizen willing to set up a food business in NZ..

    Hi thereI am an Indian citizen who wishes to set up food business in NZ (Auckland or Wellington) Can someone advise how do we go about??Quick Questions:- Is it possible for Indian citizens to set up business in NZ?- If yes, how do we go about?Suggestions/Advise if highly appreciatedCheersG

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  2. Starting a Business in Greece

    Hi, I would like a hint on what do I need in order to start up a business in Greece! I am US citizen, I have a MA in Psychology. What would I need in order to open a practice or open a kindergarten for people who want their kids to learn English?

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Ask the Experts: Pedro Simões

Portugal Accounting Expert

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Pedro Simões

Portugal Accounting Expert

With more than 15 years of experience in the Accounting field, Pedro Simões established Acoq, in 2004.

Pedro Simões has a High Degree in Management from the “Universidade Autónoma”, in Lisbon, and during his career, he has advised several small and medium-sized businesses on management and tax issues, as well as individuals.

Pedro Simoes is also a consultant for various International Companies based in Portugal and abroad. Pedro obtained a specialization in Taxation, from “IDEFF (Instituto de Direito Económico , Financeiro e Fiscal da Universidade de Lisboa) “, in 2007, and has recently got a certification for Social Economy (3rd Sector) as a Consultant and Trainer certified by AEP, and in this area, he has supported several social institutions since 2009, by giving advice on a National Programme, promoted by "UMP".

Additionally, Pedro wrote a column about Fiscal Matters in The Resident, a newspaper based in Lagoa, and catering to the foreign community living in Portugal. He has done that from 2004 to 2009. Acoq has now 25 years of experience in financial and tax affairs working mainly with foreigner entrepreneurs and investors outside of Portugal.

00351 219205225

  1. Dear Sir, This is Abhishek Mohan Jadhav from Mumbai, India. Presently I am working in with an IT Company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Senior Software Engineer. I have more than 6 years strong experience in Programming. My future plan is to start a small startup IT company in any of the countries in EU. I am not looking for big countries in EU instead i am more aiming towards countries like smaller countries like Portugal. But i don't have much idea about how to go ahead with my plan. Hence i am looking for an expert opinion on this who can mentor me in fulfilling my plan. Also i wish to settle in EU with my family, so kindly provide guidance keeping this point in consideration as well. For your reference, I have attached my updated CV with this email. Kindly go through it. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks, Best Regards, Abhishek Jadhav Question from Abhishek Jadhav on 06/03/2018

    Pedro says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your contact. Portugal is a great place for IT.
    Please email us at and we will answers all questions and doubts.

    Best Regards.
    Pedro Simões

  2. HI Pedro, I'm actually the owner of a limited company based in UK . I'm in IT so most of my work it's done remotely from home or coworking space from different country. Will be possible to operate my business from Portugal and pay only income tax in portugal ? I'm sure i will still have to pay my corporate tax in UK but i'm going to become fiscal resident in Portugal . Which is the tax rate applicable for income between 35K to 100K ? Thanks a lot. Question from Paul Dubourg on 05/08/2017

    Pedro says:

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your question. Portugal has a great programme for new residents that can be tax benefitial to you. The Income Tax rate in Portugal for a limited company is 17% if your profit is under 15.000 Euros, and 21% for the profit over 15.000 Euros. There are other taxes, such as municipal tax that will depend where the Company is based and/or works. Further Question please email me to .

  3. We have just moved to Portugal and have got employed jobs however we are also looking to set up our own business as well . The business would be a mobile business which includes the sale of alchohol at events such as private parties , weddings and other special events . I need to know how we would be able to get a licence to sell alchohol and also how we set up such a business like this . Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated , kind regards , Faye Question from Faye Smith on 11/03/2017

    Pedro says:

    Dear Faye,
    Thank you for your question. We can help you on all your questions, and to achieve what you want. To answer in full we would need more information that you could forward to my email :
    Kind Regards.
    Pedro Simões

  4. Hi Pedro, I am a Portuguese citizen living and working in the Netherlands. I work with online advertising for a Dutch company, my work is pretty flexible and I can easily work remotely at many times. I have a goal to live in Portugal next year and I already have the permission from the company to work from there. I was given the mission to find out how this will roll out legally for the company. Do you have any experience in such case? Portuguese citizen working in Portugal for a Dutch based company? What are the options available? Thank you Question from Gabriel Bernardes on 12/08/2016

    Pedro says:

    Dear Gabriel,
    Thank you for your contact and question.We are very pleased to help you. There are several optionson your particular case. Please send email to, and I will be quite happy to answer your doubts and give you the best advice.
    Pedro Simões

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