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Banking in USA


Banking in USA

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  1. import from Denmark

    Hi, I would like to start up a Business in Seattle WA. Its fruit and candy bags to grocery stores and bigger grocery chains I would like to know if someone know about a contract that I could sent to the danish company?Because I'm going for my own business and not just try to sell for the danish company.Please help. Thanks,Mathias Vinther

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  2. searching for private investors who are in need of trusted business partners to venture with

    Hello partners i have private Investor in search for possible investment opportunities they are willing to invest in any part of the Middle East, GCC Gulf countries since there is evidence of a prominent economic boom in these areas most especially the Egypt,Kuwait,UAE,Bahrain and Europe.they are looking for a partner(s) with great financial and business oriented background which we can jointly wo

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Banking in the US

Setting up an accountant in the USA is a very easy and smooth process indeed. Banking in the States is very similar to that of the UK and Europe. You will find many commercial banks, both national and international. For a list of banks, please click on the 'Banking in the USA' tab located above.

To open a bank account in the United States, you will generally be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of address (bill, etc)
  • Form of ID (passport)
  • A deposit (variable, up to $500)
  • The majority of people create a checking account first. You will either be lucky and not be charged, or have to pay small nominal fee.
  • Cash machines (or ATMs, as they're called) are found absolutely everywhere. Internet banking has flourished too.


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