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  • Joanne M Farquharson

    Joanne M Farquharson

    Joanne’s experience spans both sides of the Atlantic. She founded, built and sold two US businesses before moving to London in 2015. She has more than 15 years’ experience advising small and medium s...

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    Hello all, i am a master student studied entrepreneurship in Sweden. i am always interested in starting my business in somewhere in the world. Recently i am doing a thesis about how the entrepreneur startup overseas by network, would anyone share their experience with me? Thank you in advance and look forward to your reply. Pr

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  2. Starting a Restaurant In South Korea

    Hi:I'm interested in starting a small business in Seoul, South Korea that would sell one signature food item ~ one that the South Koreans will go crazy for. I'm interested in getting information regarding start up costs, how to obtain a business license, as I am an American citizen, how to rent a small restaurant space and whether or not it would be more beneficial to go in with a Korean busi

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Foothold America

Foothold America makes it simple, safe and affordable to employ workers in the US. We’ll help you find, hire and keep the talent your company needs in the USA, through a straightforward package that won’t tie you in. We manage payroll, benefits, pensions, employee expenses and more while ensuring compliance with US Department of Labor regulations. For those who need a full subsidiary, Foothold America offers Subsidiary Services where we help you set up a legal entity and facilitate management of tax, payroll, HR, bookkeeping, office rental, etc. This is ideal for significant committed entry to the US, or when importing physical products. Foothold America has grown out of our own experience setting up US companies from overseas — we use our knowledge, resources and connections so that you can succeed in the USA.

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Joanne M Farquharson
2 Royal College Street

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+44 207 691 4915

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