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    ISO Certification for Europe Emirates Groupís service quality

    Europe Emirates Group continues with our Service Excellence Without Boundaries and in pursuit of excellence we are pleased to have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

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Adrian Oton

"Since inception, Europe Emirates Group has seen a steady expansion of service offerings and an ever increasing standard of professionalism, innovation, local expertise and ethical standards; these aspects, combined with a unique level of customer focus, continues to drive our success into the future."

Local Knowledge

Since the firms founding, our focus has been on the provision of genuine, truly local expertise in the UAE and the other regions we operate in.

All of our professionals have a deep, working understanding of the legislative, financial and cultural practises, expectations and norms of their local region, which gives us an advantage over competitors, who often operate in a centralised way with policy dictated at a distance. By remaining deeply connected on the local level, we can secure favourable deals and partnerships with local companies and legislative bodies that no other firm can offer. Our fingertip fluency of local affairs gives us advantages that we pass on to our clients in all areas of their business, and continuing to root each service in local expertise is a cornerstone of our continuing success.


The quality of our service is vital; all the local expertise and specialist knowledge in the world is worth little if not combined with true customer focus. The importance of the personal aspects of business cannot be understated, as behind each corporate structure are the people that make them succeed.

We understand that our customers are investing personally as well as financially in their ventures; to this end, we are obsessed with the personal satisfaction of our clients. Everything we do is focused on ensuring our clients conduct their business absolutely free of any unnecessary stress or micromanagement. By allowing our clients to focus on their core products and services, we allow them to dedicate 100% of their time to increasing their market share & profit margins, and develop new services.

The more successful our clients are, the more successful we are, and our client support services are delivered with a level of personal attention that no other firm operating in the region can match. Everything we do is absolutely bespoke and tailored to the customerís requirements.


In the world of international incorporation, with its overspill into tax optimisation and asset management, having a solid ethical framework is vital. We pride ourselves on developing strict ethical codes of conduct and internal policies that ensure that we operate at the highest ethical standards, not only from a compliance and legal perspective, but also by taking the additional step of ensuring that we work with companies that we know share our values. We operate with the confidence that stems from our certainty the future will be free of unexpected ethical issues or third party litigation by constantly reviewing our business practices.

Looking to the Future

We have always been excited by the promise of raising standards for our customers. It is our hope that, with continued investment in securing the very best people in the industry, combined with an absolutely first-rate and expanding service portfolio, we will continue to outshine and outgrow our competitors and continue to deliver seemingly unattainable levels of customer service. This combination of factors gives us the tools we need to deliver for the clients, professional staff, investors and partners that make our success possible.

Our industry is challenging, and change is inevitable. By continuing our investment in the best people and the most innovative services, it is my sincere belief that Europe Emirates Group will continue to be able to maintain market leadership.

+971 4 3116547

  1. Dear Mr. Adrian Oton, I'm a Marketing Director for a one of the top Organic Health & Wellness companies in the USA. We are seeking agent/distributors and Importers who would be interested in promoting our products in U.A.E. We have over 2000 products to choose from and we are the most generous when it comes to paying agent/distributors when they join our company. I would like to know if there is a market for our products in U.A.E., if there is how would I go by promoting our business opportunity in the U.A.E. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Best Regards David J Bahakel Marketing Director www.act1181364.my90for Question from David Bahakel on 25/07/2017

    Adrian says:

    Hello, please email me on

  2. we need a partner in a bid to set up RUSSIA TRADE CENTRE DUBAI, a one stop shop for marketing and promotion of made in russia goods/services in dubai. Question from malachy asogwa on 21/07/2017

    Adrian says:

    Hello, we would be glad to assist.

    Can you please email me on

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