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Austria Market Entry

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Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner

Austria Market Entry Expert

Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner has laid already in 1993 with the foundation of the Ruttensteiner EDV Dienstleistungen the foundation-stone for the today's one internationally active business Consulting agency. Today Ruttensteiner Consulting is the expert in the segment market entry Austria.

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  1. Dear Mr. Ruttensteiner Hi, This is Saeid Momeni from Iran. My family and I are farmer in Iran. Most of our agricultural products is Raisin, Pistachio, Almond and Walnut. During my presence in Austria (from March 2018 up to now) and being familiar with this beautiful country, I have decided to export some part of our farm production directly to Austria. As you know better than me there are some rules and standards to export agricultural goods to EU. In this regards I have some questions as below which your kindly reply would be appreciated: 1- Is it possible to export directly to Austria without establishing any company in Austria? 2- How can I access to Austrian’s Import/Export rules and standards for agricultural products? 3- How can I access to information related to Tax and fees for importing? 4- How can I find the costumer (NOT Retailer) for my products? And also I am eager to hear any useful information from you. I have to say that I live in Innsbruck up to end of August 2018. With Best Regards Saeid Momeni Question from saeid momeni on 08/06/2018

    Dietmar says:

    Dear Mr. Saeid Momeni.

    I am glad, that you are intrested in the Austrian Market

    here in short version:

    1.) Yes it is possible
    2.) We can assist you in all rules
    3.) You finde all information at the WKO Wittschaftskammer Österreich, Or we assist you
    4.) That is on of our major service

    Please send us directly to info@ruttensteiner.come and we answer you questions detailed.
    If you want we can also make an appointment for an meeting in Tirol or in Upper Austria

    with warm greetings

  2. Hello, I want open company in Austria, I am from Croatia. I will work will caompanies from Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany... Please can you tell me what you can recommended me, how I can open company, which is amount for this. It is possible to get incentives. Thank you Question from Kristian Mikec on 07/12/2017

    Dietmar says:

    thank you for your interest to open a company in Austria.
    But that we can support you with the correct information we need some more details.

    Have you already a comapny in Croatia?
    In wich branch you want to do business?
    Du you need some one how manage you business.?
    and some othe questions.

    We are looking forward for more details and in the meantime you can reade on the second page from the following Link general information about the GmbH founding.

    with warm greetings from Austria
    Your Ruttensteiner Consutling team

  3. I am an Indian passport holder. I wish to buy a Indian Restaurant in Innsbruck. I have already identified the restaurant which is on sale. How to go about this? Question from KAMAL UKAJI on 25/09/2017

    Dietmar says:

    Hello, Thank you for your interest in the location Austria. Whether you can buy the restaurant depends on some factors. If it is a limited company, then you can buy shares relatively easily and do not have to live in Austria. If it is a sole proprietorship it will be a little more complicated. Please contact us directly at With kind regards from Austria

  4. Hi Dietmar. I have import and export company that dealing with many kind of fields and goods like as health, industrial device , power generator and equipment, food and so on in IRAN.... I want to establish offshore company fully owned with my family. we want to expand trading. I don't know which of term of forming company is the best for us(LLC, GmbH or other). please let me know process, time dose it take, cost, your fee and service. I've decided that for the best way would be buying an existing company. with best regatds A.S.Mehraba Question from Akbar Sameie Mehrabany on 24/08/2017

    Dietmar says:

    Hello A.S.Mehraba.
    I am glad that you are interested in Austria. For an import export company, a GmbH is certainly the right company form. The costs for starting a company start at around 10000 euros. The exact costs depend on the complexity and the details of your business model. From the date of commissioning to the opening of your own business premises, you must expect approximately three months. Of course, we support you even if you want to buy a company. (Mergers & Acquisitions) In order to provide you with the best possible support, please contact us directly. We look forward to your inquiry and remain with summer greetings from Austria. Your Ruttensteiner Consulting Team

  5. Hello Dietmar, Thank you for your response. So what steps do I need to take to introduce our company to the Austria market. We are doing something nobody else is doing. Not only do you just buy our products and sell them, we pay Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors 10 different ways Plus ! we have Bonus such as car, Free vacations and stock options! The only requirement is to register at the website once they register , they're in it's that simple! It sounds too good to be true but it's our way to appreciate any body who joins us. David J Bahakel. Question from David Bahakel on 17/08/2017

    Dietmar says:

    If you want to address customers and partners exclusively via the web, then a German website with a DE and AT domain and a virtual representation suffices. If, however, you wish to have a European location for the distribution of your products and services, then you have to start a GmbH. For a company foundation, depending on the size, you need starting capital between 15000 and 40000 Euro. Best regars to US

  6. Hello I'm looking for Distributorship in the Health & Wellness Industry. I'm a Marketing Director with a manufacture in California we have over 2000 products and we are expanding into over 40 countries and we offer Excellent benefits to Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors. I would like to know if is a market in Austria. David J Bahakel Question from David Bahakel on 17/08/2017

    Dietmar says:

    Hello David,

    Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in Austria.

    I have looked at your webiste and can tell you, yes there is a huge makrt for your products.

    Here are a few figures: From Austria you can reach the entire German-speaking EU market with about 98 million inhabitants, which together spend about 130 billion euro in the health and wellness area. Each of these potential customers has an annual purchasing power of around 22000 euros.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    With summer greetings from Austria
    Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner

  7. Hi there, I am looking at starting a small bus company out of Austria. We will be contracted exclusively to a company called G adventures which is a Canadian company that operates tours all over the world including central europe. I currently work with G adventures in the office and as a guide. I also previously worked as a bus driver in Canada. I have Canadian, Irish, and British citizenship. I intend to buy 2 mercedes sprinter vans and use them to transport g passengers around central europe. My main need from you would be how to set up the corporate business in Austria, how to register the business with regulatory bodies, how to meet safety guidelines, and how to make sure employees are suitable so I can hire them etc... I am sure there is many other things that I am forgetting as well that you could help me with. Please let me know if you could help. Cheers, Nick Question from Nicholas FIELD on 16/08/2017

    Dietmar says:

    Hello Nick,

    We are pleased that you are interested in a business in Austria.

    In order to help you as best as possible, we need some more information.
    Would you like to move to Austria or do you want to find a partner in Austria?

    In all cases you are right by us.

    We look forward to assisting you on your way to your business in Austria.

  8. Hi , Mr. Ruttensteiner, we provide Immigration consultant to our members and we request you to let us knw if you can provide assistance for Business Setups and Immigrations Look forward for your reply , however we have sent you an email through your website. Best Regards SJ Question from Stan. J on 15/08/2017

    Dietmar says:

    Hello SJ,

    We are pleased that you are interested in Austria.

    Yes we can, we would like to support you in the business development and immigration to Austria.

    Please contact us directly for further information.

    Your Ruttensteiner Consutling Team

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