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18/07/2019 07:42:35

What You Need to Know When Expanding a Business Abroad

There will inevitably come a time when a business needs to expand in order to thrive. Much like a plant will need its pot to be changed so that a larger number of roots can be accommodated, you might have finally decided to increase your present operations to cater to an overseas client base.

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  1. searching for private investors who are in need of trusted business partners to venture with

    Hello partners i have private Investor in search for possible investment opportunities they are willing to invest in any part of the Middle East, GCC Gulf countries since there is evidence of a prominent economic boom in these areas most especially the Egypt,Kuwait,UAE,Bahrain and Europe.they are looking for a partner(s) with great financial and business oriented background which we can jointly wo

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  2. Opening a retail branch in Monaco

    Hello,Our small retail company here in the UK is looking to open a shop in Monaco. What are the requirements and procedures?Best

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News - Thailand

  1. Thailand Reforming Itself To Make Doing Business Easier

    Thailand 23/04/2019 15:08:36

    A person might start a small resort serving local people as well as tourists in Thailand. It would possibly take him around two months to set up his business after finalizing the location of business, employees and getting the business registered. He would find it considerably easy to start his business.

  2. Growth of Startups in Thailand and Forward Outlook

    Thailand 17/04/2019 08:16:25

    When we talk about Thailand, the most common thing that would come to our mind is its TukTuk, beautiful long beaches and its gold-colored architectures.

  3. Road to a startup business in Thailand

    Thailand 02/04/2019 12:51:40

    Planning for a startup in Thailand? Here, in this blog, we have tried to bring a roadmap for assisting entrepreneurs looking for their own startup in Thailand.

  4. Avoid Miss-Hiring to Boost Performance

    Thailand 21/03/2019 09:52:06

    If you’re owning and managing a business for a long time, you might have come across at least one situation when you felt, “I wish I’d never hired him/her.” Looking back, you might recognize a lack of experience or skills, however, you released the offer for ending the cycle of CVs, interviews and phone calls. For convenience, you might have rationalized the hiring decision feeling optimistic that he/she might just require few training sessions to nail the work. Does it work out?

  5. Business in Thailand – How Different It Is From Rest Of The World

    Thailand 13/03/2019 09:22:06

    Let’s say you’ve an interesting concept for a business and you are looking for an ideal location for launching it. You prefer Thailand since you’ve visited Thailand before and you enjoy the climate, lifestyle, food and people in general. However, you’re pondering whether starting a business in Thailand makes a sound decision.

  6. Initial steps for starting a business in Thailand

    Thailand 07/03/2019 09:25:27

    Setting up a business in Thailand could be an intimidating prospect, but if you get it right, it could be an enjoyable and lucrative one. There’s a wealth of opportunity in the service and industrial sectors and in import and export sector in general.

  7. SMART Visa For Foreign Workers

    Thailand 27/02/2019 08:54:49

    BOI confident “SMART Visa” to support targeted industries and attract more experts, executives, and investors

  8. What Should You Consider Before Doing Business in SE Asia

    Thailand 19/02/2019 08:08:16

    Doing business in South-east Asia is an eye-opening and interesting experience. You would find that the business culture in South-east Asia is relatively different from the West, as there are specific customs and expectations which business professionals are expected to follow, in order for keeping their clients and customers happy.

  9. A Parent's View

    Thailand 19/06/2017 15:02:13

    Being an IB school in Bangkok, we receive a lot of interest from parents about our curriculum and programmes. We have also found that having current parents speak with prospective parents is a great way for them to find out all about KIS.

  10. Field Trips at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:59:56

    Making connections between what is being learned inside the classroom to what goes on outside of the classroom is fundamental to a strong IB education.

  11. Admissions at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:58:16

    Thinking about applying for a seat at KIS? Our admissions staff are here to help you find out if KIS is the best fit for your family.

  12. Native Tongue Languages at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:51:03

    At KIS we are currently teaching 10 different languages, and our students come from 49 different nations! Being open-minded and great communicators is a big part of the IB, and we fully embrace those and all aspects of the learner profile.

  13. KIS Continues Fantastic Full Scholarship Opportunities For The IB Programmes For Ages 9-16

    Thailand 14/11/2016 10:33:58

    KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand is a full International Baccalaureate School. As the school has become more and more in demand, thanks to its great atmosphere, welcoming community and excellent academic results, KIS is growing from 2 classes per year group to 3 classes per year group.

  14. Consistent Excellence On Ib Diploma By Kis Students

    Thailand 01/08/2016 16:38:57

    The class of 2016 continued the excellent academic results that KIS is known for. Our 32 graduating students ALL participated in the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme and ALL of them passed, receiving the prestigious IB Diploma. This 100 percent pass rate is significantly higher than the IB average pass rate worldwide this year of 81%.

  15. UK Minister for International Trade to visit Thailand

    Thailand 26/07/2016 09:29:25

    Mark Garnier, newly appointed Minister at the Department for International Trade, will visit Thailand from 27 to 29 July.

  16. KIS proudly launches its new interactive prospectus

    Thailand 30/06/2016 11:59:03

    KIS recently launched its new school brochure featuring interactive technology for parents who want to discover more

  17. KIS Class Of 2016 Are Awarded 1.3 Million US Dollars Worth Of University Scholarships And Are Accepted To Top Universities Worldwide

    Thailand 14/06/2016 08:39:53

    The KIS community congratulates the class of 2016! We are very proud to let you know that our 32 graduating students this year have received 140 offers from 96 universities around the world.

  18. KIS Celebrates Expansion With A Full Scholarship Opportunity

    Thailand 07/03/2016 13:40:49

    In celebration of the expansion from two to three classes per grade level, KIS International School is introducing a new scholarship, the “Grow With Us” scholarship. The winner of this scholarship will be invited to join KIS without having to pay any tuition fees for the duration of his or her education at KIS.

  19. Living in Thailand and uninsured?

    Thailand 16/02/2016 15:26:40

    The British Embassy Bangkok issues warning about living in Thailand without adequate insurance.

  20. Doing Business In Thailand: 3 Key Things To Follow In 2016

    Thailand 14/01/2016 09:11:09

    In 2015, the key change for companies operating in Thailand was the regulation on accounting and legal firms not to disclose registered addresses to clients. Here, let’s take a look at some new requirements that are likely to affect the way business is done in 2016.

  21. An Excellent Scholarship Opportunity For Outstanding Students

    Thailand 11/11/2015 16:09:47

    KIS International School is inviting ambitious students to create their own success story by applying for the coveted IB Diploma academic scholarship, also known as the “One Million Baht Scholarship”, for the academic year 2016-2017.

  22. KIS scores 100% through OPEC quality assessment

    Thailand 01/10/2015 14:32:03

    By Mrs. Kumaree Komarakul Na Nagara On September 10, 2015, KIS welcomed three visitors representing the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC), Ministry of Education, on a one-day visit to assess the quality of the school

  23. Cross Cultural Management: Thai Style

    Thailand 12/02/2014 10:25:43

    Foreign managers coming to work in Thailand will probably have to adjust their management style considerably. Pushing Thais to speak up in meetings, report bad news and meet rigid deadlines will not usually produce results, and nor will heavy-handedness.

  24. Unlock New Markets with The Master Key to Asia

    Thailand 13/09/2013 14:13:32

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