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Emigration and Visas in Australia


Emigration and Visas in Australia

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  1. An e-commerce business in Australia

    Hi,we have an e-commerce company in India which is specialise in dealing with embroidery, beading and jewellery making supplies. Now, we want to set up the same e-commerce business in Australia.we are looking for someone who has the deep knowledge about the compliance, operational cost, recurring cost, Payment gateway, local tax, Courier partners etc of Australia.

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  2. Want to start business in australia.

    Hi,I want to start a pharmaceutical, FMCG distribution in australia, can anyone guide me how to commence and get the opportunity to work in australia?

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Australia Emigration

Do I need a visa to go to Australia?

If you are going to live and work in Australia you will need a visa. Even to visit Australia you must have a visa. A visit to Australia would be a good idea, and then you can see which part of the country appeals to you.

There are two options:

  • ETA visa - an electronic visa which gives you automatic entry to Australia for any three months out of 12 for the life of your current passport.
  • Tourist visa - a one-off visa for three months (you can apply for 6 or 12 months in special circumstances). You can apply for these visas either online or at the Australian High Commission in London.

Can I emigrate - what type of visa do I need, and can I get a visa?

There are several ways to get a visa, but there are more opportunities for visas if you are starting up your own business in Australia:

Business Development Provisional

If you are setting up a business in Australia you can apply. It is valid for 4 years and you can include your family in the application. You don't, however, have welfare, healthcare, or family assistance rights. You must:

  • be less than 45 years old
  • have a certain level of English
  • have notified the authorities of a state in Australia your intention to start a business there
  • meet monetary and asset obligations in a qualifying business
  • have a certain amount of total assets
  • have had a successful business career
  • intend to own and be directly involved in a business in Australia

Business Development Permanent

This follows on from the provisional visa. You must:

  • have been in your business in Australia for at least two years
  • have an Australian Business Number and submit Business Activity Statements
  • have net business assets of at least AU$ 100,000
  • have combined net business and personal assets of at least AU$250,000
  • have turnover of at least $300,000 in 12 months
  • have employed 2 Australians or New Zealanders

Investor Visa

You can get provisional and then permanent visas as an investor. The requirements are similar to the business owner visa. You will have to show proof of a business career and experience in investment. You should have assets of $2,250,000. You will also need to have made a Government Approval Investment of AU$1,500,000 in Australia.

Senior Executive Visa

Along with many of the requirements for the Business Development Visa, you will have to meet other requirements. You must:

  • notify the authorities of your intention to develop a business
  • have had experience in the three highest levels of management in a major business
  • have total net assets of AU$500,000
  • bring $100,000 to settle in Australia
  • commit to an ownership interest and management of a business in Australia

If you meet certain obligations during your initial stay in Australia, after no less than 2 years, you may apply for a Permanent Business Skills Visa.

Apart from the business visas you can also apply to stay in New Zealand under other categories;

Employer Nomination Scheme

This visa can apply if you have the skills in an area of shortage listed by the Australian Government. For this visa you must have a job offer from an Australian employer. The visa can be either temporary or permanent.

General Skilled Migration Programme

If you're not sponsored by an employer, but you have skills in one of the occupations required by Australia you can apply for this visa. You must be between 18-45 years of age. A list of the professions required can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Working Holiday Visa

Available for one year for people aged between 18-30 years of age.

For more information on visas you can have a look of the website for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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