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    About us Redesmere Global is a consultancy providing insightful analysis when politics intrudes in the operations of your business. Our customers are mainly midsize and smaller companies operating di...

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Caught out by Brexit?

Concerned about Trumpís unpredictability?

If so, you'll certainly want a clear view of the political risks confronting your business, especially in emerging markets.

Detailed and timely insight of relevant political risk gives you:

  • Foresight to allow mitigation of potential problems before they damage your business
  • More clarity on potential opportunities
  • Greater confidence in the security of your supply chain

Our customers are mainly midsize and smaller companies operating directly or indirectly in emerging markets, who need to best exploit opportunities.

"By highlighting the roles of key decision makers, Redesmere's reporting gave us a powerful insight into key political realities that was an essential aid in our planning.'

International Business Development Manager

Redesmere Global helps businesses operating emerging markets to understand their exposure to political risk.

Don't get trapped by political currents...

Don't let politics intrude on the success of your business...

Brexit has shown that political earthquakes are possible even in Britain. Even before Trumpís inauguration we have seen stock markets react strongly to his every Tweet. The US presidential elections have certainly shown the potential for the unexpected. In emerging markets, however, politics will more likely intrude on the success of your business and with weak governance and institutions the outcomes are likely to be far more volatile. To better know your opportunities and avoid unwelcome surprises, it is essential to understand your exposure to political risk.

Geopolitical instability is a growing and pervasive fact in today's world. Over a third of all countries now present high geopolitical risk for businesses. How a country responds to conflict, migration and terrorism, all very topical issues, and to any natural disasters which may strike, is about more than the state of its economy, although that is important. It depends also on the state of its politics, a much less predictable prospect.

This is generally overlooked by smaller businesses despite them trading increasingly on a global level. But the fallout won't overlook you just because of your size, and being smaller it could be catastrophic.

In emerging markets, politics is most likely to matter at least as much as economics, and can pose a direct risk to businesses, or have an impact indirectly through their supply chains or customer base.

Whereas economics will influence what a government is capable of doing, politics invariably determines what it will do and this is more likely to bear the imprint of personalities and less tangible drivers. Although therefore difficult to quantify, political events are, however, seldom random and can be anticipated with reasonable accuracy with the application of relevant expertise.

"A boutique tour company approached us with concerns for the future viability of its Egypt tours, one of its principal destinations, after recent instability in that country had deterred clients from booking. They wanted to know whether brighter times lay ahead in terms of the return on the investment they were making in these tours. By giving an in-depth assessment of political risk we were able to inform their decision making on future investment in the Egypt tour programme. Given the prognosis at the time was not entirely rosy, we also looked at some other destinations for them as support for their wider strategy of tour provision in the region."

When political realities intrude in your business...

Your current position:

  • You have investment or a supply chain in an emerging market, or are planning one, but lack sufficient expertise or local experience to interpret the political situation on the ground and, more importantly, where it is likely to go.
  • Even with some clarity over the political situation, you still struggle to see through the uncertainty that it presents. What does it actually all mean for your business?
  • You may feel you have a reasonably clear picture of the risks and opportunities facing your business but are less confident of the best way for your business to exploit these opportunities or mitigate these risks.

Where the answer lies:

  • In informed and timely reporting from trusted networks in country and close to the events backed up by objective analysis by experts in political science familiar with the wider geopolitical context.
  • In either routine reporting to keep you up to date and in the picture, and which may include regional or thematic analysis as well country coverage, or reporting specifically tailored to the issues confronting your business.
  • In insights on political context set alongside wider input from other country specialists so allowing politics, culture and the business environment to be tied into an holistic picture. Scenario analysis can be a very useful way of clarifying a confused political situation and identifying its potential future implications. Targeted management consultancy support can assist in delivering solutions appropriate to your business given any particular political context going forward.

3 ways to work with us:

  1. Choose from a range of subscription packages to receive regular country and regional reporting relevant to your requirements
  2. Products tailor made for the needs of your business can be generated by bespoke enquiries
  3. As a consultancy client, for management consultancy and wider advice to allow your business to most effectively navigate the political risks faced in your market

Benefits of working with us:

  1. Thought Leadership - you gain access to specifically focused expert analysis and insights and, with bespoke enquiries, actionable information directly relevant to your business needs.
  2. Obtain a competitive edge through access to high calibre and focused analysis allowing you to be an early mover in profitable but risky markets
  3. Mitigate risks - analysis and reporting based on a range of well placed and informed primary and secondary sources enable you to better understand and alleviate risk. Our leading thinking allows you to better assess strategic opportunities and risks. All our consultants are experts in their fields, with on the ground knowledge and contacts, meaning the insight you receive is not easily obtainable elsewhere.

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