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Marketing a Business in Switzerland


Marketing a Business in Switzerland

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Marketing a Business in Switzerland

The international transition of a business is more than just costs and procedures. It's more cultural acclimatisation than calculatory acumen. It's making sure your product or service fits the inclinations and idiosyncrasies of a nation; finding a way to culturalise your business in order to reap the same results your business has achieved domestically. This is accomplished through one simple step: effective marketing when starting a business in Switzerland.

Marketing your business on indigenous soil is an art-form in itself; attempting to do it somewhere like Switzerland is nigh-on miraculous. Countries may be becoming more heterogeneous, but the foundations of a culture rarely budge for anything: their sensitivities, traditions, humour, discourses, protocols are essentially unchanging and stubbornly unaccommodating. Therefore, the identity of your product or service needs to seamlessly fashion itself upon a nation, not the other way around, shoehorned in, hoping for the best.

Advertising and Sales promotions in Switzerland

When marketing in Switzerland it is wise to remember that there is several languages used across the country. Consulting with an advertising agent when starting up a business in Switzerland will be of great importance.

Television and radio are big sources of advertising media but there are different stations in German, French and Italian in various locations around the country. Also there are 40 non Swiss television channels available through cable and satellite, including BBC prime and BBC world.

Correspondence, literature and business cards can be French, German and Italian.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity and understanding of protocol is paramount to effective marketing. The intricacies of a nation its beliefs, even its superstitions can make or break your business. Know the market; immerse yourself in it. Never assume your marketing strategy will be transplantable to a foreign country. There is only a slim chance language will translate well. Anglophonic countries may be susceptible, but if your product or service plays on a quintessentially British characteristic or joke the chances are, it will not be well received.

As for other countries, don't bank on using the same strap-lines or gimmicks. Unless they are perfectly transitional, your product or service could suffer especially if it relies on humour.

Unless you are certain your product or service can sell itself on indigenous merits, it is probably wise to revise its selling-points for a foreign market. As always, however, only your own fastidious research can conclude this.

Cultural training in any country is key. When greeting someone in Switzerland shake their hand, smile and maintain eye contact. It is considered respect to use someones title and surname. Swiss people are private people and first names are reserved for family and close friends.

Its important to remember that there are four languages spoken in Switzerland - German, French, Italian and Romansch.

When speaking to a Swiss person reframe from asking personal questions about occupation, age, marital status, religion, etc. This is considered rule and an invasion of their privacy.

Above all be polite, well mannered and respectful of the company you are in.

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