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  1. From Astro Associates Tax Consultant in Islamabad Pakistan

    I want to start a company in DanMark.Anyone guide me ?

    Total Posts: 2 Last post by cchicken

  2. Finding liability coverage for my buisness in Mexico

    I am reaching out as the owner of Womens Radical Pursuits. We offer Womens specific mountain bike/yoga trips to Oaxaca, Mexico. I am contacting you to see if you would be able to help me find a broker or insurance company that would cover me.I am having a very dificult time finding anyone that will provide coverage in Mexico. If you would be willing to share that with me, I would be very appr

    Total Posts: 1 Last post by aschweim39

Case Studies

  1. A Kenyan Startup Journey


    A Kenyan Startup Journey is a practical book that openly and practically shares key lessons I learnt while being co-founder and CEO at Weza Tele–a tech startup distribution company that recently got acquired by AFB.

  2. A Taste of Argentina


    Starting a business abroad can be more arduous than establishing one at home for obvious reasons. But of course, there are many advantages.

  3. Accompanying Spouse: Shock in Thailand


    Times have changed. With the help of the internet, a spouse can now easily learn well before she leaves home all sorts of information about the country her family is headed for: customs, history, what foods she will feed her family, or what clothes to bring.

  4. Africa Connects

    South Africa

    A multimillion chance in Southern Africa for European IT / Communications Companies

  5. Air Freight to Brazil


    Our LV shipping & transport office in Newcastle operates a weekly airfreight and ocean freight consolidation service to Brazil.

  6. case study: makeup by maryann brushes

    United Kingdom

    For professional makeup artist, MaryAnn Richardson, applying makeup is such a regular occurrence she could do it in her sleep. Having graduated from the prestigious Jemma Kidd School of Makeup in London, and later with honours from the globally recognised Blanche Macdonald Centre in Canada, MaryAnn now has more than five years industry experience. Her impressive client list spans advertising, editorial and TV and includes; Elle, Channel 5 News and The Perfect Wedding.

  7. An Australian Entrepreneur in Sweden


    I enjoy being an expat and feel equally at home here as I do back in Australia. I am not sure you can ever stop being an expat once you have been one for as long as I have: you are never totally "in" no matter where you live, not even back in your home town or home country.

  8. Australian Boomerang


    Australians market themselves especially well. Now, I'm not talking specifically about tourism or other forms of literal marketing, but rather the overall communications. They have created a vast sense of national pride and a global perception of being a relocation idyll.

  9. Brazilian Dream Come True


    Being a determined and persistent person I decided to keep going and in the midst of these bad people I discovered some decent ones, in particular Sean Trafford who gave me great help in finding a genuine lawyer who is well respected and runs 4 universities in North East Brazil and an accountant friend of this lawyer. I was also introduced to an Italian developer with over 20 years construction experience who had been living in Brazil for 7 years and was married to a Brazilian lady.

  10. Bright Lights Seeing Stars & Stripes


    The first, and most difficult step, was recruiting a suitable person to run our US office. As recruiters ourselves, we recognize the difficulty and importance of finding the 'right' people.

  11. Business Makeover, Canadian Style


    What I can say is that, if you are planning to start a home-business in Canada, you need to plan, plan, plan! It all starts with a good or passionate idea. It was only last year when I came to Vancouver, Canada, to start my cosmetics business. It's only small, and I work from home.

  12. Case study - Abraxis Bio Science


    Client Summary Abraxis Bio Science (‘Abraxis’) operated in Europe from 2008 to 2012. Their primary business was the distribution of the Abraxane cancer treatment that was been developed within the group.

  13. Case Study – Axsium Human Capital Solutions


    Solid foundation set for Canadian business

  14. Case Study – Emarsys Pty Ltd


    Accelerated global expansion by Emarsys

  15. Case Study - Golden View UK Ltd


    Our client needed a set of articles to be translated from English into Simplified Chinese.

  16. Case study - Hood Jeans – Sales rise down under


    An example of a UK company which formed new connections and accessed new international markets is Hood Jeans, a small UK-based manufacturer of specialist protective motorcycle jeans.

  17. Case Study - Scott's Visas


    Larissa has been arranging for Russian Visas for me for many visits to Russia for the last year, she has always been quick, efficient and reliable and my colleagues and I are very grateful for the excellent service.

  18. Case Study – SCYTL Australia


    Scytl successfully enters the Australian market

  19. Case study Edifice Information Management


    Client summary Edifice Information Management (“Edifice”) collect information from point of sale, merchandising and supply chain systems on behalf of retailers.

  20. Case Study For Go Matilda


    Over the last few years GM has assisted many companies in the UK and Continental Europe with the opening of their offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

  21. Case Study From Francis Consulting


    After building relationships at both a commercial and political level in India over a 4 year period in the run up to the May 2014 general elections, Francis Consulting were asked to help the newly elected government to deliver on one of their main election promises.

  22. Case study The BWI Group


    The BWI Group, also known as Beijing West Industries, is a multi-national supplier of brake and suspension systems.

  23. Case Study: Acme Packet - A High Tech International Expansion Success Story


    Introduction In 2005, Acme Packet was revolutionizing the way telecommunications companies and large corporations managed their phone, data, and internet communications by moving all three over IP networks.

  24. Case Study: Pentaho - Racing to Meet a Deadline


    The Challenge: Pentaho, a business analytics company providing powerful software tools for data insight, was well into its international expansion, with staff on the ground in both the U.K. and Germany, as well as four other European countries.

  25. Case Study: Silver Spring Networks - Making Utilities Smarter

    Hong Kong

    The Challenge: Silver Spring Networks, a leading smart grid networking platform technology provider, knew international expansion was necessary for success.

  26. Cement Purchase Behaviour mapping


    among commercial and Individual Home Builders segment in Southern India for an international cement brand The client wished to understand the profile and purchase behaviour of end users while buying cement and to identify the parameters which influence choice of a particular brand.

  27. Chatsworth Products Inc.

    United Kingdom

    "We used KB&Co to assist in the legal and accounting aspects of the set-up of our new UK company. The staff were most helpful and performed their duties in a timely and accurate manner. KB&Co is now our “accounting arm” in the UK administering four employees and taking care of not only payroll, tax and filings but also the payment of all office-related invoices."

  28. Chokolit

    United Kingdom

    Entrepreneur Louis Barnett is no ordinary 19 year old. He set up his company, Chokolit, at the age of 12, and became the youngest ever supplier to Waitrose at 13, Sainsbury?s at 14 and Selfridges at 15.

  29. Client Case Study: Emarsys


    With its headquarters in Austria, Emarsys is one of the fastest-growing & innovative technology companies in the world. Their marketing automation software turns data into relationships, and personal experiences that engage customers.

  30. Company puts the shine on premium cars, yachts and aircraft


    Permagard Global, which manufactures innovative exterior coating products for major airlines, private aircraft, yachts and premium car brands, was established in 1998 in France. Its durable coating products protect the paint schemes and external surfaces of vehicles, shielding them from aging and appearance degradation while ensuring a permanent, high-gloss look. The coating ensures paint rejuvenation while restoring faded colours and dull surfaces to a new look.

  31. Concept evaluation of online medical second opinion service in India


    The client is a well known medical second opinion service provider established in UK; they wished to expand their services to other countries.

  32. Cook Islands Case Study


    John is a successful businessman in his late 50s. Although he has no known creditors, he is interested in offshore asset protection because he is concerned about potential risk from a new business venture.

  33. Dappercap Bicycle Helmets

    United Kingdom

    Each season One Stop IP offers an innovation award to an innovative company or person who we consider would benefit most from our services. The successful applicants can win One Stop IP services worth up to £10,000. This season’s winners were Dappercap, a cycling helmet manufacturer combining style with safety.

  34. Donkey Rides Down Las Ramblas, Barcelona


    Things could be perfect at home, and then ambition gets in the way. Even though my promotions company in the UK was flourishing, I was still looking for a new challenge. Growing up in Weston-super-Mare, I had a lovely life by the sea, donkey rides on the beach... but it just wasn't enough.

  35. Emergency lighting systems market in India


    The client is a well known electrical equipment supplier company in the world and wished to enter India in emergency lighting system.

  36. Entrepreneur Italiano


    For the year I was in Italy, my difficulties were in my weak language skills and being a single female out in the world. It takes a bit of adapting anywhere, even in these contemporary times.

  37. FedEx Express. Bean and gone and done it.

    United Kingdom

    Drawing on a childhood fascination for coffee, Steve and his wife Sarah started in business together selling freshly roasted coffee beans.

  38. Fikay - Cementing a future in recycled fashionable goods


    When 22 year old Aaron Jones took a 10 week sabbatical in 2010 to teach children in North India before starting university, the experience affected him profoundly and inspired him to set up his business, Fikay, which would help support struggling communities.

  39. Finding Your Feet in the USA


    Naturally, there are things I miss. Like soap operas! And of course I dearly miss my friends and family, but telephones and webcams make things a lot less painful. I think American, for us, is long-term prospect.

  40. Fjord International Consultancy Company Launch Event at the British Embassy


    Corporate Business Services (CBS) is proud to be part of Fjord International Consultancy Company launch event which took place November 7th, 2012 at the Consul General’s residence, British Embassy in Dubai. CBS has assisted Fjord Group to set up their operations in Dubai and is continuing to support them further in doing business in the UAE.

  41. Foray in France


    Do not attempt to duplicate what you left behind; you will never be satisfied. You have to be open-minded and keep a smile on your face.

  42. Franchisee Testimonials


    Mail Boxes Etc. Italy franchisees

  43. Franchisee Testimonials


    Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise testimonials

  44. French Chalet


    Toorna discusses her forthcoming move to France. My partner Duncan and I attended one of your exhibitions last year. Although we haven't yet started the business, we are about to do so this year. We met one of the exhibitors, French Property Angels, which spurred us on to following our dream of setting up a chalet business in the Alps.

  45. From law and order to fashion couture

    United Kingdom

    Fashion for the modern Muslim woman is being revolutionised by former law student turned fashion designer, Sumayyah Nasaruddin. Her website, Love to Dress, provides urban Muslim women with outfits that allow them to be part of the western society they live in, yet adhere to traditional Muslim dress standards.

  46. From the Hoe, Plymouth to the Berj, Dubai


    Setting up in Dubai isn't without its problems. There are a few essential issues to be wary of. Read about Ben as he jumps at an opportunity to replicate his success in direct marketing from Plymouth to Dubai.

  47. GetTaxi expands its UK business with help from UKTI


    Advice and introductions from UKTI helps Israeli technology company GetTaxi expand its UK operations, allowing it to double its staff in 2015.

  48. Greece Start-up


    It may seem like a giant leap to you, but trust me, it didn't to us. Our initial venture consisted of a few plots of land, a camera and a gap in the market. Now it's an office, 14 properties, and 11 more on the way.

  49. Greenfield Tractor Project


    Background Our client, one of the leading agro-machinery manufacturers in South India planned to expand their product range by adding innovative and modern products into their portfolio. The company was already running well and was at a stage where it wanted to join the bigger players in agro-machinery business

  50. Homesick in New Zealand

    New Zealand

    I used to run a cafe in the UK, so took all I knew and set up in New Zealand. It was a new beginning, the perfect way to compliment the big changes that were happening in my life. But business has been thriving, and thankfully, I had a smooth transition.

  51. I Dream of Cyprus


    If like us, you run a business that is affected by season, then make sure you either have some good marketing ideas or a back up plan! Read about Ron as he takes his dream of running a restaurant to Cyprus.

  52. IBN Consulting Testimonials

    South Africa

  53. IBN Consulting Testimonials

    South Africa

  54. IBN Consulting Testimonials

    South Africa

  55. IBN Consulting Testimonials

    South Africa

  56. India Business Development – Case study


    Background A leading UK based international manufacturer of filtration, drying and containment equipment used in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical industry was looking to expand their business in India and approached TMG Advisory in order to help them determine the best entry strategy to increase their sales.

  57. India on a Shoe-string


    Don't lose inspiration. You're going to feel awfully stressed and even depressed every so often. That kind of money doesn't take long to run out. Read up on other entrepreneurs' stories.

  58. La Cocina Espanola


    I found operating a company in Spain not to be the easiest. The first couple of years are especially tough. Advertising and influx of customers and clients is generally based on word-of-mouth and the time for your company to nurture and become recognised should not be understated.

  59. Mail Boxes Etc. Testimonials


    Franchisee testimonials for Mail Boxes Etc.

  60. Market entry study for a UK Consumer Magazine in India


    The client is a non profit organization which is involved in testing, investigating and reporting on products and services available to UK consumers. They publish findings and content to consumers primarily through a range of subscription-only magazines.

  61. MMS Avocats Case Studies


    Joram Moyal, Das Markenrecht der Benelux Staaten, Heidelberger Kommentar zum Markenrecht Band 1: Markengesetz und Markenrecht ausgewählter ausländischer Staaten, 3. Auflage, 2014. (“Trademark Law of the Benelux States, commentary of the Heidelberger Trademark Law Volume 1: Trademark Act and Trademark Law of Selected Foreign States, 3rd edition, 2014”).

  62. Notary Express Case studies

    United Kingdom

    Case studies from Notary Express

  63. Nothing Toulouse


    New chapters are obviously never easy, and unearthing yourself from the comfort of familiarity is hard enough. But attempting to plant yourself in the stubborn soil of unfamiliarity is a different story altogether.

  64. On-Brand Partners

    United Kingdom

    "We have used KB&Co who not only specialise in the foreign company space, but also go beyond core accounting and tax and offer services in start-up advice, HR and payroll services. They’ve been helpful with tips and recommendations to business enablers and provided a friendly, local ‘shoulder’."

  65. Partner search for pharmaceutical company in India


    Background Our client, one of the major European pharmaceutical companies with an existing product range in Central Europe, considered finding new partners to help them market and distribute their products in India. The client wanted to find out which companies meeting their initial requirements would be interested in potential cooperation.

  66. Phonic Books increases exports by 25% following market research


    UKTI’s Export Market Marketing Research Scheme helps Phonic Books win business in Australia.

  67. Popagami Kids Activities

    United Kingdom

    BRITISH BRAND POPAGAMI LAUNCHES A CRAFT KIT COLLECTION FOR CHILDREN ON Founded by Brain Smith in 2008 in the heart of West Sussex, Popagami is the registered trade name for animal fun activities based on a traditional Japanese 3D origami design, updated for the 21st century. Craft kits, designed and produced by Good Egg under licence from Popagami were launched in November 2014 on ‘Not On The High Street’

  68. Pre launch for a hospital furniture brand in India


    The client is a leading global provider of office furniture and services. They are planning to expand their business in India for their hospital furniture products.

  69. ProDecon develops strategy to grow exports to 40% of turnover


    ProDecon, the UK’s leading contractor in process decontamination, expands in India and the Middle East with help from UKTI.

  70. Product test for new confectionery products in India


    The client based out of Denmark is a world leading expert in the development and manufacturing of medicated chewing gum. They started their operations in India 5 years back by opening a R & D lab and then a manufacturing unit.

  71. Relocation Argentina


    Knowing the culture and language of Argentina is, if I'm honest, vital to success. Don't delude yourself with visions of grandeur and success, because if you don't know the culture, you don't know your market. And if you don't know your market, you don't know your opportunities.

  72. Reneport increase exports to the African continent.


    Having built relationships with companies in both Nigeria & Uganda, they have procured electrical and mechanical goods which have been used in projects in construction and oil industries. The latter involving offshore supplies to Total Nigeria.

  73. RouteShoot’s exports make up 60% of sales after help from UKTI

    United Kingdom

    UKTI’s Passport to Export programme helps RouteShoot develop a successful export plan for its innovative smartphone application.

  74. Scott's Travel


    Case Study For Scott's Travel

  75. Scott's Visa Case Study


    Business visa application

  76. Scott's Visa Testimonial


    Travelling to China is not always a simple task. I have lived in China for 5 years and the visa system is constantly changing which causes expats and holiday makers all kinds of problems with what documents to prepare.

  77. Scott's Visas

    United Kingdom

    Case study

  78. Scott's Visas

    United Kingdom

    Scott's Visas Testimonials

  79. Scott's Visas Testimonial


    I cannot praise Scott's visas enough for the excellent, efficient way they dealt with applying for our visas for us.

  80. Servcorp Bahrain


    Awards and accolades

  81. Servcorp Kuwait


    Awards and Accolades

  82. Servcorp Qatar


    Awards and accolades

  83. Servcorp Turkey


    Awards and accolades

  84. Servcorp UAE


    Awards and accolades

  85. Setting Up In Amsterdam


    Murray suggested we take our venture overseas. Probably the best idea he's ever had actually. And there was one place where we knew our business would thrive: Amsterdam.

  86. Shooting for the Stars and Stripes


    Starting a foreign business allowed me to gain a wealth of invaluable experience that I may never have obtained had I stayed working for someone else. Read about Derek taking the most of the opportunity as he risks time and money going to the USA to follow his dream.

  87. Singaporean Business


    As a company, we have found the best aspects of starting a business and working overseas is the opportunity for discovering new and exciting places, and learning new ways of working. Having to design unique and diverse solutions for clients: this often means a balancing act of working within local and cultural parameters, yet keeping up a world class appearance.

  88. Taxation of Interest


    As a service provider and tax advisor we face daily requests for information concerning taxation of interest. Although each case is individual we have specialist knowledge in enable us to answer clients efficiently and effectively. Below is an outline regarding the taxation of interest in Singapore along with a case study to demonstrate how in practice these principles are implemented.

  89. The Big Move: France


    French bureaucracy is a mine field so we sought help from a French accountant. He explained the process of registering our business, where we should go to register the business as there are many Government organisations who deal with different company types, as well as other very useful advice about taxation.

  90. The Interface Finanancial Group


    Business case studies

  91. The Myth of Company Restoration


    Many have questioned about what would be the best and cost effective solution when their company is being dissolved or struck off from the Companies House register. But one question almost thought by every single individual in this case – Why should I restore my company when I can form a new company instead.

  92. The Telemarketing Company Case Study Microsoft

    United Kingdom

    Microsoft approached The Telemarketing Company in early 2010 with a requirement for a demand generation campaign, with the objective of producing high quality sales leads across multiple EMEA territories to support European Microsoft Identity and Access Solution partners. The calling required skilled, multi-lingual agents and The Telemarketing Company was able to build a team using in-house resources blended with specifically recruited and trained agents in under ten working days.

  93. The Telemarketing Company Mettler Toledo Testimonial

    United Kingdom

    Mettler Toledo is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratories, manufacturing, and food retailing. The organisation is geographically diversified with sales in 2010 derived 37% from Europe, 36% from the Americas and 27% from Asia and other countries. The Company has an extensive global sales and service organizations with approximately 5,500, or nearly one-half, of employees providing sales and service in 35 countries. The Company has a manufacturing presence in Europe, the United States and China

  94. Trade In France UK Ltd. Case Study – ChamPicarde SARL


    Trade In France started working with a UK-based mushroom grower in 2011 to help them to understand the market conditions for organic mushrooms in France.

  95. Tricor Japan Serviced Office Space: Client Testimonial (English)


    Tricor Serviced Office Space

  96. Tricor Japan Success Story 1: Client Testimonial (English)


    Tricor Japan is a subsidiary of Tricor Group and services foreign multi-national companies entering, growing or shrinking in the Japanese market.

  97. Tricor Japan Success Story 2: Client Testimonial (English)


    Tricor Japan: Success Story

  98. UAE Case Studies


    Case studies from TASC Outsourcing

  99. UK Food & Drink success stories overseas

    United Kingdom

    You can see how some UK companies are already making the most of exporting their products overseas with help from UKTI.

  100. UnaTerra Case Study Brazil


    Midlands based company who specialise in exterior facade materials. In this particular case pre cut French limestone and US made decorative bricks.

  101. UnaTerra Case Study India


    German energy company with large UK operation (over 3000 employees) in the South of England

  102. Unique Indian handicrafts search for a catalog company from the US


    Our client, one of the well known and largest catalog companies in USA, who were already sourcing from India, were looking for something unique in the field of traditional Indian handicrafts.

  103. US shoe recycling company steps into the Middle East


    A M Shoes and Textile Inc. is a US-based company that was established in Livonia, Michigan, near Detroit, in 1996. The company recycles used items such as clothes, shoes, textiles and accessories. It supplies stores and wholesalers with large amounts of the used goods for distribution to consumers.

  104. US Visa Case Studies


    Case studies documenting UK entrepreneurs aquiring US visas and green cards.

  105. What our valued clients say


    about Konduit ….

  106. Whitefield International achieves success


    Whitefield International has been working together with its sister company Globalista in taking European companies into Colombia and vice versa.

  107. Zaini Beanie Hats, an accident that became big business

    United Kingdom

    It’s not often that an accident changes your life for the better, but that’s exactly what happened to 26 year old Miranda Harper. In 2010, Miranda had a bad fall on the slopes whilst working as a skiing instructor and went on to become the founder of successful beanie hat brand, Zaini.

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