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  1. Startup overseas by NETWORKING

    Hello all, i am a master student studied entrepreneurship in Sweden. i am always interested in starting my business in somewhere in the world. Recently i am doing a thesis about how the entrepreneur startup overseas by network, would anyone share their experience with me? Thank you in advance and look forward to your reply. Pr

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  2. Starting a Restaurant In South Korea

    Hi:I'm interested in starting a small business in Seoul, South Korea that would sell one signature food item ~ one that the South Koreans will go crazy for. I'm interested in getting information regarding start up costs, how to obtain a business license, as I am an American citizen, how to rent a small restaurant space and whether or not it would be more beneficial to go in with a Korean busi

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Australian Business Migration Group

We support companies, families and individuals who are looking to migrate to Australia.

We help business operators who are looking to expand operations to Australia, invest, buy a business or start a new venture.

And we help families and individuals who have been sponsored by an Australian employer, who are looking to emigrate to Australia or who want to be able to live with their partner or spouse in Australia.

The immigration process in Australia can be complicated and dynamic for many individuals and business owners. At the Australian Business Migration Group, our mission is to help clients get established in Australia sooner and more easily.

To achieve that, as well as providing migration expertise, we bring together a selection of respected business professionals who can advise you on:

  • Company structures
  • Accounting and international tax
  • Commercial legal advice
  • Currency exchange
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Business sales
  • Market research

Whether you a need a visa or you want to understand how to set up a company in Australia, protect your intellectual property or take advantage of Australia’s existing free trade agreements with countries like China, Singapore and Japan, the Australian Business Migration Group can help.

Contact Details

Greg Nicolson
Level 29
221 St Georges Terrace
WA 6000

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UK: +44(0) 203 355 0241
AUS: +61 1300 794 680

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