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  1. Starting a Restaurant In South Korea

    Hi:I'm interested in starting a small business in Seoul, South Korea that would sell one signature food item ~ one that the South Koreans will go crazy for. I'm interested in getting information regarding start up costs, how to obtain a business license, as I am an American citizen, how to rent a small restaurant space and whether or not it would be more beneficial to go in with a Korean busi

    Total Posts: 3 Last post by dianaeddie

  2. Starting a new Trading Business in Africa

    Dear Sir / Ma'amI am looking to start a new trading business .Like most start ups my I have low caputal, however I am looking for opportunities with African countries that are high growth and start business relation and trading set up fo with these countries. Could you advise the way I can go about doing this and which countries and persons I could target / approach. Thanks!

    Total Posts: 2 Last post by innompila

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Ayub Ahmed Sait

UAE, GULF & India Business Experts

Mr. Ayub Ahmed, after obtaining his degree in information technology & Business Management from the University of Hawaii served in various Management posts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His career engrained in him the values of discipline, loyalty, respect and perfection. At a very young age, Mr. Ayub Ahmed developed the passion towards the business and with all the flair, determination and personality of an entrepreneur, he saw a gap in the business set up market and quickly began filling that niche. Mr. Ayub Ahmedís energy and enthusiasm to provide a business solutions service in Dubai and the UAE to incomers and residents alike became the roots of his company, famously known as Capital International Group. His ideas and guidelines for all the new and existing investors are well defined in his companyís well known portal Mr. Ayub Ahmed have visited various countries and attended various international events to promote the idea of Business Solutions across the globe.

+971 4 3232360

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